RCA 2019 | 6 months

For my Masters dissertation, I chose to immerse myself in the topic of “failure” by researching its social definition within literature as well as through interviews with experts. I received a Distinction Award, the highest award possible, on this assignment.

The following are highlights from the feedback I received from my submission.

“… you have added successfully to the expanding awareness of failure and its potential uses and benefits as a tool for initiating and inspiring progress, growth, humanity and humility, particularly among the talented and motivated …”

“The research that underpins this discourse is excellent and well balanced…”

“… stand out in particular are the frankness and genuine sincerity of the narrative, your humility and directness in weaving a personal story into an analysis of failure…”

To the right, you will find an excerpt of my final work.

The complete dissertation can be accessed at: