RCA 2019 | 3 Months

The name PORDUBRA is derived from the dance term ‘port de bras’ meaning ‘movement of the arms’. Through years of training, dancers develop extensive knowledge and appreciation of their bodies. In scientific terms, they develop a heightened sense of proprioception and kinesthesia. These are the senses that allow us to navigate our world and allow us to understand the difference between movements. It is our kinesthetic and proprioceptive senses that allow us to stand still and run at full sprint.

After months of working and consulting dancers, physiotherapists, and reconnecting to my own roots within the world of dance, I came to the following conclusion: that taking a moment to appreciate the effect your body has in the physical world is of paramount importance. For this project, I created a tool, using light, that aims to amplify the senses of proprioception and kinesthesia while in the home.

The PORDUBRA is a lighting fixture for the home that invites users to orchestrate a choreographed dance between light, movement, and shadow. Red touch points indicate where users might reach for in order to adjust both the luminosity and direction of the light. On the right side, the user is invited to extend their arm in order to adjust a lever; the highest and lowest positions result in the brightest and dimmest luminosity, respectively. Equally, on the left side, users can take grasp of a handle, guiding a globe light along the rails and positioning it at whatever height might be required. Users gain physical and visual feedback directly related to the movement of their arms, thereby amplifying their sense of body.

Through everyday interaction with PORDUBRA, users experience a meditative moment, improve their proprioceptive sense, and practice kinesthetic movement.

Thank you to Kylee Smith, Ugne, and Zoe Birch for your help in producing this work.