Secret Select

Procter & Gamble 2017 | 3 months

As a company, Procter & Gamble developed a 2030 vision where deodorants will be tailored to the specific microbiome of a consumer’s underarm. Additive manufacturing capabilities allow for both a disruptive divergence from traditional form, and highly customized chemistries. In this project I was tasked with identifying insights and proposing a transitional product as the company moves toward this future vision.

I was able to create quick low-fi prototypes to share with consumers in order to gain feedback and insights. Success criteria included: discrete touch-up and on-the-go options for reapplication throughout the day; replacement for “scent test” that consumers often depend on in store when choosing a new deodorant; education concerning specific chemistries as we move toward hyper-personalized formulas; and designs that disrupts the nearly visually identical packaging that currently plagues the deodorant isle.

From these insights, I developed Secret Select, a customized on-the-go antiperspirant and deodorant. With two fingers, users can apply a layer of deodorant and dispose of the biodegradable applicator after use. This form would allow for a cost-effective way of allowing new consumers to sample the product while equally taking up minimal space in a purse or pocket. Finally, consumers are primed to try disruptive new forms that are enabled through additive manufacturing.

Education is furthered through an online platform where users will be guided through the benefits of customized deodorant and antiperspirant. Consumers answer lifestyle questions resulting in a chemistry catered to their needs. They have the option to “brand” their personalized deodorant by selecting a scent and color for their product that will be delivered directly to their door.

Since the completion of this project, Secret released two new products that were developed as a continuation of my project brief: Body Wipes and Freshies Deodorant.